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  Sometimes my indecisiveness bites me in the butt. Due to childbirth, life circumstances, etc... I've been a student at a junior college for far longer than anyone should be. I've taken part time classes, an odd semester off to give birth, and changed my major at least three times. Over the past few weeks on campus I've started to really feel "old". I've run into several people that are my younger sisters age just starting out as freshmen. It would be easy to feel overwhelmed and behind as this reality check smacks me square on the nose. Instead of freaking out though I'm opting to look at it for what it is... I could have quit, I could have gone faster, but I didn't make the choice to do those things. I'm there now and finally starting to really enjoy this process. I joined the science club this semester and even got elected as an officer. I'm doing well in most of my classes, except for math which has always been a love hate relationship for me. Mostly.... HATE. It's never too late to go for what you want. It just took me longer to figure out what it was that I wanted. 
  On that note it's time to finish my own personal Voyager marathon. I <3 my netflix... Yay!

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