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April 7th, 2014


  Spring is here and the grass is definitely greener. Literally and figuratively really. It just makes me happy for some reason that my lawn is trucking on like some kind of green machine. Not that I let it get to jungle length. Maybe I'm just happy to have a lawn. Things are going well. I know I usually only think of journaling when something is going wrong and I want to complain so try not to die of surprise dear readers. If there are any readers left out there.
  I've got another alien invader on the way. Which at first was pretty crushing. I wanted to be done with babies, potty training, the crying, the pooping. Maybe it's the hormones, but I'm feeling pretty ok with it now. I've barely taken a breath and the other two are already little people. I'm really not one of those joy filled mother types. I don't feel the urge to trumpet out to the world how my progeny are the next best thing since sliced bread. Sometimes, honestly I'm not even sure if I like being a parent. It's stressful. They fight, they are disobedient, they want everything under the sun, sometimes they hate me but they're funny, they're smart, most of the time they love me more than I've ever been loved, and sometimes seeing through their innocent eyes really puts things into prospective. So, one more? I can do that. I can watch as he/she/alien molds itself into a person. Children are endlessly fascinating I think it's the pay off for the frustrating parts.
  I've finally made it to one of my long term goals. I'm living on the banks of the mighty Mississippi a stones throw from New Orleans proper. I've loved this place for as long as I can remember. I'm not on the side of the river I expected to be when I dreamed the dream years ago. But, I'm close enough for jacks. I'm out of that tiny little apartment and into a cute little house. I've got a yard! It's not huge but my own little speck of grass. I never realized how important grass was to me until I had sidewalks for the most part. I've got a Dragon. Well, he's a dog but his name is Dragon. SO there I have a dragon hah! How many people can say that.
  One of the best parts is in my cute little house there are no relatives. It's just us. For the first time since we've been married it's just us. As if that wasn't awesome enough there's more! For the first time in years Nathan actually does more at home than sleep. For so long we've lived a decent commute from his job or the job has been 16 hours a day. This is the most he's ever actually been home since we've been together. Aside from that brief period of time when he quit his job and moved to MS with me. The shoe was on the other foot at that point and I was working doubles to support us. So, really this is the most time we've spent with each other on a daily basis. It's pretty fricken sweet. I've actually seen him wash dishes and do a load of laundry. Totally creeped me out a bit. >.<
  So yeah...
Spring is here.

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